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What are the Most Common Reasons for U-Visa Denials?

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What are the Most Common Reasons for U-Visa Denials?

Most Common Reasons for U-Visa Denials

According to the latest USCIS study several reasons were found why a petition was denied, however, only a few occurred with such frequency that USCIS could develop an estimate of the occurrence relative to the population of denied petitions.

The most common reasons for denial are:

  • Missing or insufficient evidence
  • Inadmissibility
  • Abandonment of the petition
  • The petitioner did not demonstrate a qualifying crime
  • The petitioner did not demonstrate substantial harm

Most Common Reasons for Denial of a Principal U Visa Petitioner:

  • 36% Missing Evidence
  • 29% Inadmissibility
  • 27% Inadmissibility due to Criminality
  • 27% Abandonment
  • 21% Non-Qualifying Criminal Activity
  • 21% Substantial Harm

Other reasons for denial included:

  • The petitioner did not meet certain eligibility requirements, such as demonstrating helpfulness, substantial physical or mental abuse, or meeting the definition of a victim
  • The petitioner obtained another lawful status, abandoned or withdrew their petition, or had a previously approved Form I-918
  • USCIS determined the petitioner was inadmissible due to fraud and/or determined the petitioner did not provide credible evidence to establish eligibility

Avoid U Visa denials by discussing your immigration case with experienced immigration attorney, who can also help you prepare the paperwork and monitor your application as it makes its way through the system. As can be seen, every denial is specific to that individual’s circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your concerns.

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