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Category Archives: TN Visa

TN Visa Lawyer

TN VISAS – NAFTA PROFESSIONALS Immigration Lawyer in Queens

By Svetlana Prizant | Categories: TN Visa

TN VISAS – NAFTA PROFESSIONALS The United States economic and trade pact with Mexico and Canada, NAFTA, lead to the creation of the TN nonimmigrant visa. This visa allows approved Mexican and Canadian nationals entry into the United States for temporary employment in professional level business activities. TN visas are offered for professionals including… Read More »

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Visas for Canadian and Mexican NAFTA Professional Workers. The nonimmigrant NAFTA Professional (TN) visa Immigration Lawyer 118-21 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Can I Apply for a Green Card on a TN Visa? Can I Convert my TN Visa to a Green Card?

By Svetlana Prizant | Categories: TN Visa

A TN visa is a visa available to Canadians and Mexicans and is based on a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The visa is available for certain professions (eg. graphic designer, lawyer, accountant, analysts, finance people, etc.) and can be issued for up to 3 years. The TN visa is a temporary visa… Read More »

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