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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Immigration Lawyer Victims of human trafficking

The Difference Between T Visa and U Visa

By Svetlana Prizant | Categories: T Nonimmigrant Status, u visa

Victims of Human Trafficking: The Difference Between T Visa and U Visa Congress created both the “T” visa and the “U” visa to encourage victims of serious crimes to work with law enforcement officers without fear of facing deportation. Both visas are intended to root out and prevent human trafficking, although they cover other… Read More »

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TPS Lawyer

What are my other immigration options when Temporary Protected Status (TPS) ends?

By Svetlana Prizant | Categories: Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Recipients

Those who may be about to lose Temporary Protected Status (TPS) have many other immigration options: If you were admitted or paroled into the United States before you received TPS, or while you had TPS, you may be eligible to adjust your status through a U.S. citizen spouse, adult son or daughter or parent… Read More »

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