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Monserrat Vidal

Monserrat Vidal Monserrat Vidal is a first generation born U.S citizen, whose purpose is to have a successful career and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Monserrat Vidal understands the struggles and hardships that immigrants face everyday being the daughter of immigrants herself. In 1999 Ms.Vidals parents immigrated to the United States fleeing from crime in Mexico and searching for a better life. Growing up and witnessing the challenges her parents had to face as immigrants living in a new country motivated Ms.Vidal to pursue a career that helps people that are struggling. Monserrat Vidal is currently enrolled at Queens College City University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology and minor in business. She hopes to continue her career as a psychotherapist in the future. Ms.Vidal’s goal is to advocate for those who are vulnerable and feel like they have no voice. Ms.Vidal is eager to continue her path as someone who can help people, Ms.Vidal hopes that her future will be bright and be able to make a positive change in someone’s life.

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