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Preparing Documents to Accompany Form I-129F Fiancé Visa Petition

You need to do more than just fill in the blanks on Form I-129F for your fiancé visa petition. The government wants written proof that the two of you have met in person within the last two years, and that you really intend to marry.

  1. You should attach a personal statement, drafted by the petitioner, explaining how you first met, when and where you have since met in person, and at what point you decided to get married.

  2. Assuming you and your fiancé have met in person, look for documents that will prove this fact. Documents from a neutral, outside source such as an airline or landlord are best. Some possibilities include: dated photos of you together, copies of plane tickets (including boarding passes) that you used to meet each other, copies of passports showing the stamps from when you traveled to see each other, and credit card receipts showing the two of you spending money at the same place and same time.

  3. If you and your fiancé have not met in person, and do not wish to do so for religious reasons or because it would present extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen, include documentation that will prove this. For example, this might include: a letter from the foreign-born fiancé’s parents, letter from his or her religious guide, a detailed letter from a medical professional regarding the citizen’s inability to travel, and copies of relevant medical records.

  4. Your plans to marry are a crucial part of showing that you qualify for a K-1 fiancé visa. Some possible documents to present to USCIS with the visa petition are: copies of cards and letters between you discussing your marriage plan, copies of phone bills showing that you called each other, wedding announcements, and evidence of other wedding arrangements (contracts for food catering, photography, rented chairs, dishes, or other equipment, flowers, and musical entertainment).

  5. If the two of you are adults who have never been previously married and are not blood relations, you may not have to attach any documents under this category. In many couples, however, one of the two people has been previously married, in which case you will need to prove that that marriage was legally ended. To do so, attach copies of such documents as: divorce decree or death certificate.

  6. In addition, your fiancé visa petition will need to include the following: proof of petitioner’s U.S. citizenship status; photos. You must submit one passport-style color photograph of yourself and one passport-style color photograph of your fiancé, two by two inches in size, showing your current appearance.

Contributed by Svetlana Prizant, an Award Winning New York Immigration Lawyer

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