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New York U-Visa Lawyer

What Is The U Visa?

U visas are available to immigrants who are victims of crimes and who step forward with information related to the crime. People who wish to obtain a U visa must prove:

  • They are a victim of a certain crime
  • The crime occurred in the U.S. or is a violation of U.S. laws
  • They suffered severe mental or physical abuse resulting from the crime
  • They have, were or are likely to be helpful to any authority in investigating and prosecuting the crime

In order to obtain a U visa, the investigating authorities must provide a certification indicating the person helped in giving information.

U visas are a relatively new and powerful immigration tool for those seeking to enter or remain legally in the United States. Those granted a U visa can stay for two years. In some cases, the U visa can be extended another two years. Having a U visa can also help you overcome other challenges to your immigration status that would not be possible without the U visa.

We are dedicated to helping our clients get the best results possible. We work personally with clients to guide them through the complicated immigration system and make sure they understand their rights and options.

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