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H1B Visa Interview at the US Consulate Office Questions and Tips

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H1B Visa Interview at the US Consulate Office

A visa interview at a US Consulate Office is often a worrying prospect for many people, and being fully prepared for the interview is essential. Below, we’ve put together some of the most common questions that Consular Officers ask during an H1B interview.

You should be prepared to answer a number of fairly basic questions similar to the ones below, irrespective of whether you are going to the Consulate for a new H1B visa or for an H1B renewal or extension:

  • What does your US employer / company do?
  • What will be your job duties in the US company?
  • How many employees does the US company have?
  • What is the annual turnover of the US company?
  • Where will you be working in the US?
  • What are your primary work skills and benefits?
  • How long have you worked with your current employer?
  • What is your current salary?
  • Have you ever been in a ‘no-job no-salary’ kind of situation?
  • What is your role in the current company?
  • Which university in the US did you study at?
  • What is your highest education level?
  • Where will you be staying in the US?
  • How long do you plan to stay in the US?
  • Which State do you live in / will be living in the US?
  • What’s your opinion about the State?

Tips on what you should do before H1B Interview:

What you should do before the interview:

  • Check the Consulate website to ensure you are have the correct nonimmigrant visa application fee checks and have written your passport number and name behind the them, and determine where the fees are to be paid.
  • Ensure you have all the forms and personal documents as part of the package you will be carrying to the interview.
  • Be sure you have a complete copy of the H1B petition that was filed on your behalf as part of the documentation you carry with you to the interview.
  • Arrange the documents in a way that it’s easy for the Officer to flip through the package and locate a document immediately.

H1B Interview Advice:

Often, Officers find that H1B visa applicants who have obtained an H1B petition approval and have the appropriate credentials are unable to articulate the job duties or the position in which they intend to work in the U.S. This creates a problem because it is important to be able to explain one’s job duties clearly to the Officer to avoid any potential fraud or misrepresentation issue regarding eligibility.

With the personal interview, confident and prompt replies to questions posed by Consular Officers are more important than ever before.

H1B Interview Conclusion:

An H1B visa interview at a US consulate office does not need to be a scary or nerve-wracking experience. It’s just part of the process, and if you prepare for the interview and conduct yourself in a professional, knowledgeable and confident manner – you should sail through without any problems at all.

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