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Worksite Enforcement by ICE

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  1. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has vastly increased its efforts to investigate and audit U.S. employers.
  2. According to federal government data, thus far in Fiscal Year 2018, ICE has initiated investigations into 6,093 workplaces, compared to 1,716 in all of Fiscal Year 2017.
  3. Data also shows that ICE has made 984 administrative arrests as of July 20, 2018, more than five times the 172 arrests made last year, and the number of criminal arrests soared from 139 in 2017 to 675 thus far this year.
  4. Worksite audits are a necessary component of our immigration system to ensure that employers are following the law.However, the resources spent on rounding up hardworking immigrants could be better used elsewhere, particularly on prioritizing threats to our communities and our overall national security, such as international criminal gang syndicates.
  5. When no one is a priority, everyone is a priority, and when resources are spent arresting and detaining a person who has lived, worked, and aspired to the American dream instead of a person who poses a serious criminal threat, that’s not smart enforcement.
  6. Instilling fear in the undocumented community without offering an actual way forward to establish legal status is counterproductive and unjust.

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