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Natalie Khaimov

Natalie Khaimov

Mrs. Khaimov is a first-generation U.S.-born citizen. Her family emigrated from the U.S.S.R. (former Soviet Union) in 1991. Mrs. Khaimov’s family fled due to persecution on account of religion. Their struggle to start anew in a foreign country has always been the reoccurring theme of the stories told to her and her sibling. All the steps taken just to give them, the children, a better future and a better life, cannot be forgotten. These stories often included individuals who extended a helping hand so as to make the transition smoother. Being raised on these stories Mrs. Khaimov has always appreciated the fact that she had been given the opportunity to have a betterlife here in the United States. She found that it was her duty to do what she can to help individuals, who are now in the position her family was in, to give back to people as a token of appreciation for what was given to her family. As many first-generation young adults’ notice, deeply tied traditions often follow families to their new home. For Mrs. Khaimov, one such tradition has been to put family before all else. Mrs. Khaimov can easily say that such a value has been deeply embedded in her. Mrs. Khaimov great appreciation for individuals who help foreigners in need, mixed in with her value for family, has prompted a great desire within her to become an advocate for people burdened by the complex immigration system. Mrs. Khaimov graduated from Queens College of City University of New York (CUNY), with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Now, she is enrolled in Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, pursuing her dreams of being a legal advocate, in efforts to help individuals like her parents, who want, so badly, to give their children better opportunities, and ultimately, better lives.

Mrs. Khaimov intends to use her drive to help others, together with her legal education, to further her goal in which she is able to help families come together and stay together, regardless of what unsystematic obstacles might appear.

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